CAP-C Counsellors



Annie Leung

My name is Annie Leung. I am the Coordinator of CAP-C Program. The program aims at supporting families with young children to expand their social support networks, share experience, and learn more about community resources. I have a degree in Education and training in Project Management. I have substantial experience in coordinating and administering projects and programs in social service sector. I love to work with families and children. I am committed to supporting families connected to the community. 



Maggie WangMaggie Wang

Hi, my name is Maggie Wang. I am an activity worker for United Way Avenue of Change project and CAP-C Program. I have a background in Business Administration and Health Management. I started to volunteer as a neighborhood family connector for the Avenue of Change project, then become an activity worker. I will do my best to support young children and families in the city centre community. 





LanLan Zha

Hi, I am Lan. I am very happy to join CAP-C program and team up with Annie and Maggie to provide services for Richmond’s families and their children.I came from China and have been in Vancouver for 7 years.I was an engineer back in China and I was a volunteer in CAP-C program before I become an activity worker for this program. I believe with all the effort we put and all the support we get, we together can strengthen families and build better community



AmyAmy Li

Hi, my name is Amy Li. I joined the team as a Chinese outreach Program Worker. With my background as a student, immigrant and parent in Canada, I have experienced various community programs and services. It is my pleasure to share my knowledge and explore the community resources and programs together with new parents, new immigrants and new residents.