Building Safer Communities Program

brianaBriana Cook

Briana is the program coordinator of both the Supervised Access program and the Building Safer Communities (BSC) program. She has knowledge and skills gained from formal education and practical experience in the Child and Youth Care field. Briana joined Touchstone Family Association in 2015 and looks forward to many more years supporting Richmond based families.



Michelle Hubble

I have worked with Touchstone for 4 years in a few different programs, and now am very excited to start my career as a clinical counsellor with Building Safer Communities (BSC). I have worked one-on-one with youth and adults in different helping roles for 7+ years, and feel strongly that every individual needs to be met where they are with compassion in order to make changes. I feel honoured to be able to walk alongside individuals in their healing journey and commend the courage it takes to start the process.


mo hMo Hammoud

Mo Hammoud earned his B.A. in Criminology from Kwantlen Polytechnic University. Mo considers it a calling and a privilege to be able to engage in youth support work. He applauds those who find the courage to seek change and improvement in their lives and feels a deep gratitude that he can bear witness to these incredible processes. Mo works from a client-centered, trauma-informed perspective and pursues influence from Restorative Justice that emphasizes healing and accountability. He has worked with individuals, couples, families and adolescents experiencing a wide range of challenges including relationship difficulties, conflict, parenting challenges, grief, depression, anxiety and stress and orients from a compassionate and person-centred approach. Whether Mo gets the pleasure of working with you or not, he hopes that you will continue to follow the instinct that has you reaching out and exploring ways to enrich your life. You are worth it.

RochelleRochelle Uppal

Rochelle has been with touchstone since 2021. She started her journey with touchstone at Francis House and then transitioned over to the BSCF team in late 2023. Rochelle has a passion for helping youth believe in themselves and realize their full potential. Before her entry into touchstone, Rochelle had previous experience working with youth during her time volunteering with her local police department and her time working as a loss prevention officer. Rochelle graduated from KPU with a bachelors degree in criminology where she learned conflict resolution and crisis intervention techniques that she is able to use in this field today.

jon wongJon Wong

Starting with Touchstone's Francis House program in early 2020 as a casual youth worker. Jon has jumped over to Touchstone's Building Safer Communities program in hopes of using his 15 years of being a youth worker to help Richmond's at-risk youth get back on track and making positive and healthy decisions.