What is Needed to Make a Difference

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Introduction: This is a six-session group that includes 3 series every year – Parenting Series, Parent-Child Series and Couple Relationships Series. This group is designed to assist parents to explore, share and aware of his/her personal issues, family dynamics, and difficulties in their relationship and communication. Through this group experience, it is hoped that participants could acquire some strategies in coping with these situations. This group will be conducted in Mandarin.

 Enquiry: Selina Ma 604-207-5034 and Fion Cheng 604-207-5047


簡介: 這是一為期六次的小組。每年 3 個系列 - 管教篇、親子關係篇和夫妻關係篇。 針對今天的父母,常因生活節奏太忙碌,忽略 與配偶、子女溝通及相聚時間,結果產生很多個人、家庭和教養子女的難題。本小組將透過討論,小組分享,去探求一些可行的應變方法。該小組將以國語進行。 

查詢: 馬淑君女士 604-207-5034 或 鄭嘉媛女士 604-207-5047 

‘What is Needed to Make a Difference – Special Series in Couple Relationship’

This is a four-session group designed to assist couples to improve relationship by strengthening your bonding and to have better conflict resolution and positive problem solving. Through this group experience, it is hoped that participants can have better relationships and to increase awareness on what they need and understand how to seek for adequate support.

For this particular series, we will cover the following topics.

  • -Attachment Pattern
  • Break out negative cycle
  • Communication/Conflict resolution
  • Light up power of love

Referrals are currently being accepted by filling out a registration form.  This group is open to any interested participants residing in Richmond. 

Please see the flyer for more information.   

The 4-session group will run on Fridays from 10 am – 12 pm, for 4 consecutive weeks, from Oct 1 to Oct 22, 2021.

The presentation will be conducted by Zoom and will be done in Mandarin.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call myself at 604-207-5047 or Selina Ma at 604-207-5034. 

Thank you to our funders for their ongoing support for Touchstone Programs and Services

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