Board of Directors

Maria Salzl Shawn Issel Lisa Martella Ian Chian Mahmood Awan Stacey Boon Pamela Toor Lawrie Portigal Sandi Swanigan Sandi Swanigan Sandi Swanigan

Management Team

Judy Valsonis Dave Cooper  Chris Samulak Carol Hardie Nicole CartierJanice1jagdeep1



Administrative Staff

Judi Ann Payne  & Sandy Chian


Our Mission

Strengthening the social health and independence of families and children through effective intervention and support services.


Our Values

Integrity - Is the foundation of our programs. Integrity requires that we operate with openness and fairness.  Integrity is insuring appropriate and objective decision making.

Respect - Is the basis of our working relationship with clients, colleagues and contractors. Respect means being sensitive and responsive to situations and individual circumstance.  Respect requires that we act with courtesy and consideration at all times.

Cooperation - Is the approach we take meeting the challenges of providing the community services to which we are committed.  Cooperation means working together to build partnerships. Co-operation requires that we act with commitment and innovation.


Our Guiding Principles

To recognize

  • the basic strengths of family and individuals and providing support to maximise these strengths;
  • the diversity of our population by providing culturally sensitive services;
  • the impact of changes on families, children and community and working with change to provide security and stability through professional services;

To respond

  • with effective intervention to families in need;
  • to the needs of the community by providing services that are flexible and responsive;

To maintain

  • a safe and confidential environment for clients;
  • a sound working knowledge of the community, its resources and personnel;
  • an eclectic approach to service provision;
  • responsible fiscal management of public funds to ensure cost effective service delivery;
  • a professional service of excellence.


Our Strategic Direction 2021-2024

Touchstone is committed to working with staff, volunteers, and the community to align service delivery with principles of justice, equity, and inclusion to create opportunities for everyone to thrive and lead meaningful lives.

This commitment to creating inclusive spaces for our staff, volunteers and clients advances our aspiration and vision for “strong, self-reliant families, youth, and children.”

Below is the framework of the Touchstone Strategic Direction to 2024:

  • We will adapt, be agile and able to pivot to meet the changing needs of the community.
  • We will continue to be leaders in the community and the sector seeking out opportunities that keep the organization at the forefront of our mission.
  • We will to continue to collaborate with other organizations in delivering services and promoting the needs of the sector.
  • We will evolve to maximize our resources and enhance integrated client-directed services.

Thank you to our funders for their ongoing support for Touchstone Programs and Services

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