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Board of Directors

Maria Salzl Shawn Issel Lisa Martella Kim Winchell Mahmood Awan Ian Chian Pamela Toor Lawrie Portigal Denise Cheung Rob Akimow Doug Starr Sandi Swanigan     Stacey Boon

Management Team

Judy ValsonisDave CooperGrant GrobmanChris SamulakCarol Hardie


Administrative Staff

Jagdeep Kang - Manager Finance & Administration

Janice Kostiuk - Executive Assistant

Jesicca Santiago - Secretary/Reception


Our Mission

Strengthening the social health and independence of families and children through effective intervention and support services.


Our Values

Integrity - Is the foundation of our programs. Integrity requires that we operate with openness and fairness.  Integrity is insuring appropriate and objective decision making.

Respect - Is the basis of our working relationship with clients, colleagues and contractors. Respect means being sensitive and responsive to situations and individual circumstance.  Respect requires that we act with courtesy and consideration at all times.

Cooperation - Is the approach we take meeting the challenges of providing the community services to which we are committed.  Cooperation means working together to build partnerships. Co-operation requires that we act with commitment and innovation.


Our Guiding Principles

To recognize

  • the basic strengths of family and individuals and providing support to maximise these strengths;
  • the diversity of our population by providing culturally sensitive services;
  • the impact of changes on families, children and community and working with change to provide security and stability through professional services;

To respond

  • with effective intervention to families in need;
  • to the needs of the community by providing services that are flexible and responsive;

To maintain

  • a safe and confidential environment for clients;
  • a sound working knowledge of the community, its resources and personnel;
  • an eclectic approach to service provision;
  • responsible fiscal management of public funds to ensure cost effective service delivery;
  • a professional service of excellence.


Our Strategic Goals 2017-2019

Maintain stable facility and operations by securing a facility for the long term appropriate for the needs of our clients.   

Ensure financial sustainability by working with the Ministry of Children Family Development (MCFD) to stabilize funding for core services and developing funding sources for the Front Porch program.

Enhance the Association's competitive advantage through the provision of a broader range of services.

Develop a targeted communication and and engagement strategy aimed at the business sector to increase funding for the Front Porch Program while maintaining awareness with the general community.

Maintain a stable, effective Board of Directors over the next three years as the Board explores ways to make the Association more competitive within the Richmond community.