Touchstone Family Association
Strengthening Families • Building Community

Touchstone is a non-profit community based social service agency. We have been providing services to Richmond and nearby areas since 1983.

Our services have primarily focused on preserving and enhancing family relationships. Through qualified staff, we offer a wide variety of professional services to the community.

Emergency Support System

Your counsellor will provide information and guidance around the following  procedures on how to access support for yourself or your family in case of an emergency:
During normal working hours (8:30 am - 4:30pm), the TFA receptionist is available to direct emergency phone calls to the appropriate counsellor or program director.  Clients can also access their counsellor’s 24 hour confidential voice mail service.  These calls will be returned at the earliest opportunity, where appropriate.  
Additionally, from 8:30am - 4:30pm, clients can access their social worker(if you have one) in case of an emergency.  After normal working hours, clients may contact MCFD Emergency Services at 604-660-4927, or 911.

Conflict of Interest

Touchstone Family Association employees will not knowingly enter into a situation which could lead to a perception of a conflict of interest.  That is, the staffs will not be seen to have personally or financially benefited from a relationship with a Touchstone Family Association client, contractor, individual or organization doing or seeking business with Touchstone Family Association.  i.e. a staff member shall not receive any gifts or money from a client, contractor or organization for service provided.
Additionally, Touchstone Family Association staff will not enter into a contracted arrangement with a Ministry that funds Touchstone Family Association’s services, without the written permission of the Executive Director.  Touchstone Family Association staff will not provide any service similar to services provided by Touchstone Family Association, outside of their employment with Touchstone Family Association, without the written permission of the Executive Director.
Touchstone Family Association employees who feel that a perception of conflict of interest may arise, due to particular circumstances, are required to report the situation to their Program Director or to the Executive Director.

Confidentiality and Release of Information

The following information is provided for you to understand what is done with the information we receive or accumulate about you.  Touchstone Family Association does its very best to ensure any information about you is kept confidential and private.  TFA also wishes to respect and uphold your basic needs and rights.

All information pertaining to you, the client will be held in the strictest of confidence, and TFA affirms the right to privacy for all Association clients.  That is, the TFA staff will keep all matters that deal with you private.  We will only share information with other people such as schools or probation officers if you give us permission to do so.  There are a few exceptions to this rule.  For instance, we share information and report to your social worker/guardian based on your goals of service on a regular basis (if applicable).  Also, all staffs are legally required to report/respond to any suspected incidents of abuse.  Further, if your safety or the safety of others is a concern, we must notify the appropriate authorities.


During the orientation process, you will be asked to sign some consent forms.  These forms are necessary to assist in keeping your information private.  You may be asked to sign a “Release of Information” form; this form will tell you what information we are sharing, and to whom we are sharing it with.  Another form you will be asked to sign is a “Consent to Service” form.  This form simply states that you agree to receive services from the Association.  This form will also indicate that we gather information to collect data and statistics.  This data helps us make Touchstone Family Association a better place for you to receive services.

Thank you to our funders for their ongoing support for Touchstone Programs and Services

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