Touchstone Family Association
Strengthening Families • Building Community

Touchstone is a non-profit community based social service agency. We have been providing services to Richmond and nearby areas since 1983.

Our services have primarily focused on preserving and enhancing family relationships. Through qualified staff, we offer a wide variety of professional services to the community.

Pathways Early Years Intervention Program

Pathways is an early childhood intervention program providing multi-disciplinary service to support families with children ages 0 – 6 to improve overall wellness for the child(ren) and their family. The goal of the program is to build opportunities for successful integration into school and to help children achieve their developmental milestones. Children and families will be connected to the most appropriate service based on an assessment of their strengths and needs.

There are 2 behavioural consultants and 2 family support workers who will work alongside other early year programs to identify and address vulnerabilities in children early to ensure that we are providing wrap-around and culturally-relevant supports for the child and the family. The family’s voice is integral to the service and the family is at the centre of planning. The multi-disciplinary team works together with the child, family, and community to build a web of support to foster the best possible outcomes for the child.

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This community-based program is funded by MCFD under the Pathways to Hope mandate, which promotes improving the overall wellness of children, by providing prevention and intervention services as soon as possible in a child's life. The multi-disciplinary team is made up of members from both Touchstone Family Association and Vancouver Coastal Health. 

Services are currently provided in English, Cantonese, Mandarin and Farsi.

The program encourages referrals from community programs, daycare or pre-school providers, MCFD social workers and individual families seeking support for children aged 0 to 6 years old who reside in the city of Richmond. There is no cost to access these services.

Download the Pathways referral form here

To learn more about the Pathways and program referrals, please contact Nicole Cartier

Richmond Early Years Outreach Program

We support families with children 0-6 years old that are living in Richmond. Support and services are focussed on establishing connections and providing information and resources to encourage children's development.  Outreach Workers provide one-on-one support to families with young children to build connections with other resources from home to the community.  Click here to see more information about the "Richmond Early Years Outreach Program". 

We offer free parent participation programs for example, Toddler Time for Chinese Speaking Families held in the Richmond community.

In-person Sessions in Cambie Library and Brighouse Library

In-person session at Seedling Early Childhood Hub

In addition, we offer an Early Years Outreach Parent Support Group for parents and caregivers at Woodward Elementary School every Friday from 9:30pm to 11:00am.  Parents and caregivers share experiences, build peer-to-peer support and learn about community resources, programs and services valuable for families with young children.

For more information, contact Annie Leung at 604.207.5027

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What is Needed to Make a Difference

Family Preservation & Family Reunification Program Services

Introduction: This is a six-session group that includes 2 series every year – Parenting Series and Couple Relationships Series. This group is designed to assist parents to explore, share and be aware of his/her personal issues, family dynamics, and difficulties in their relationship and communication. Through this group experience, it is hoped that participants can acquire some strategies in coping with these situations. This group will be conducted in Mandarin.

The next Parenting Series will be running in April to June 2024 - check back in March for specific dates.

 Enquiry: Fion Cheng 604-207-5047


簡介: 這是一為期六次的小組。每年 2 個系列 - 管教篇/親子關係篇和夫妻關係篇。 針對今天的父母,常因生活節奏太忙碌,忽略 與配偶、子女溝通及相聚時間,結果產生很多個人、家庭和教養子女的難題。本小組將透過討論,小組分享,去探求一些可行的應變方法。該小組將以國語進行。 

查詢: 鄭嘉媛女士 604-207-5047 

What is Needed to Make a Difference – Relationship Series September 29 to 9 November 17, 2023

This is a six-session group designed to assist parents to explore, share and be aware of personal issues, family dynamics, and difficulties in their relationship and communication. For all the inquiries, please contact Fion Cheng at 604-207-5047

是時候作出調適嗎?夫婦篇 (下一輪即將於 2024 4月推出, 3月份接受登記)

這是一為期六次的小組。針對今天的父母,常因生活節奏太忙碌,忽略與配偶、子女溝通及相聚時間,結果產生很多個人、家庭和教養子女的難題。本小組將透過討論,小組分享,去探求一些可行的應變方法。 查詢: 鄭嘉媛女士 604-207-5047

Referrals are currently being accepted by filling out a registration form.  This group is open to any interested participants residing in Richmond. 

Front Porch Program

 How Front Porch is Funded


Our goal is to enrich and support family life, encourage healthy neighbourhoods and that in turn will create stronger, caring and responsive communities.  The Front Porch program is a barrier-free program that aims to provide counselling and support services for families as they need them.

By providing barrier-free counselling and support without the bureaucratic red tape often associated with government referrals, we are proactive in providing families with solutions to their issues before they become unmanageable.

The Front Porch program relies 100% on donations.

To donate to the Front Porch Program please click the donate button on the right.

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For more information about programs offered at Touchstone contact us.

Thank you to our funders for their ongoing support for Touchstone Programs and Services

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